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About Us

About Us

Our story began on August 10, 2011 in Worcester, MA...

That's when Talon Michael was born. Within 24 hours Talon was transferred to the NICU due to seizures. Soon after, he was transferred to Children’s Hospital in Boston (CHB) where he was diagnosed with Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria - a neurological brain disorder and Peroxisomal Disorder - a rare genetic disease. Not only were they rare but also terminal. We were told Talon had a life expectancy of about two years.

Although the next twenty-one months were filled with highs and lows, we were determined to make the most of what little time we had with Talon. We did so by creating and capturing many special memories with him.

Talon earned his angel wings on May 14, 2013 three months shy of his 2nd birthday.

The outpouring of support we received throughout and after Talon’s life was like no other. We realized just how fortunate we were to have so much support and wanted to give back as well as honor our baby boy. Talon’s Christmas Wish was created to assist us in doing just that!
Our main initiative and first priority is to help individual families, we also fully support Notre Dame Pedi Pals in Worcester, MA as well as volunteer our time at Children's Hospital Boston, Why Me Sherry's House and Yawkey Family Inn. CHB was our home away from home for most of Talon's life and we'll forever be grateful for the care and love we all received there.

Notre Dame Pedi Pals:
  • Host Cupcake & Candy Bar at events
  • Meet & Support Families

Children's Hospital Boston:
  • Donate comfort & necessity items to the 9th floor resource room
  • Host Crafting & Cookie Event
  • Mini Makeover's Day for patients & their families
Yawkey Family Inn:
  • Provide Dinners during the Holiday season to families staying at the Inn
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